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Tastydish Featured Review Of Funky Punjab, Bangalore By Rohit Dassani

this is the tastydish featured review of must try dishes from funky punjab bangalore by rohit dassani

Reviewed by Tastydish Super FoodieRohit Dassani  

Must Have Dishes at Funky Punjab, Bangalore: 

1 . Amritsari Kulcha:

Funky Punjab’s best sellers are their Amritsari Kulcha. The multilayered bread stuffed with decent aloo masala inside makes these Kulchas so unique. At Funky Punjab the kulcha comes with tamarind chutney, chola and a piece of butter with whole spices on top of kulcha which gives them extra taste. The taste is out of the world and this should be on everyone’s must have list. Amritsari Kulchas at their best at Funky Punjab, Bangalore.

2. Black Pepper Chaap:

The order took 10mins but what came out of the kitchen was nothing less than amazing. The soya chaaps were covered in malai or cream with a decent spread of freshly grounded Black Pepper. The taste of it was mind blowing. The soya was so soft from inside that it just melted in the mouth and the black pepper gave it a slight kick. Please, please, please don’t miss it!

3. Lemon Chilly Paneer:

This appetizer is a fusion of Indian and Chinese flavors. Huge chunks of paneer are tossed with chilies, capsicum and onions. What make this dish so unique was the lemon, light and tangy. The combo goes together so well.

4. Lassi & Hing ka Pani:

While at Funky Punjab the lassi is not to be missed. A perfect coolant with malai on top. The lassi is exactly sweetened to give it a balanced taste. Also try their Hing Ka Pani, which helps in digestion. It was sweet, tangy and spicy at the same time.

5. Paneer Tikka Masala:

For the main course we had the Paneer Tikka Masala. You can taste all the tandoor smoke going into the Paneer. The tomato gravy was garlicy delicious and it also had capsicum and onions.

6. Dal Makhni: 

This is my personal favorite. The Dal Makhni is shimmered all night with whole spices and with loads of cream & butter. What makes things even more interesting is the dollop of butter on top! This tastes best with Naan and Laccha Paratha.

7. Dal Kichadi:

A homely dish made with dal and rice. But at Funky Punjab the Dal Kichadi is everyone’s favorite and the reasons are very clear. The dal is shimmered with loads of garlic & tomato and basmati rice. The taste is fantastic.

The experience at Funky Punjab, Bangalore was just amazing as the prices are pocket friendly. Don’t miss on those extra calories from the Amritsari Kulcha and Soya Chaap, some of the rare finds in Bengaluru.

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  • Very good food served by Funky Punjab !! Amritsari Kulcha & Punjabi Lassi just fabulous!!





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