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Don’t Miss These 3 Healthy Drinks From The Cold Press – Reviewed by Srijata Ghosh

The Cold Press Signature Smoothies Reviewed By Tastydish Super Foodie – Srijata Ghosh 

The cold press (bannerghatta road):-Cold press juice refers to juices that uses a hydraulic press to extract the juices retaining it’s vital ingredients. The concept of cold press is not new but this restaurant definitely does a good job. The combination are good for people who are health conscious, wants to boost their metabolism, wants to reduce weight or even just for a glowing skin or detoxing the body.

1) Workout melon– a combination of watermelon, coconut water with a few drops of lime. It is not only refreshing but also great to taste. Perfect for Summers and coconut water retains the body’s sodium potassium balance.Priced at just Rs 99/-

2) Apple blender smoothie– contains apple, banana, almond, milk and chia seeds. Extremely good to taste and full of iron and vitamins. This drink is very filling due to the banana in it. Priced at just Rs 140/-

3)  Mad mango smoothie– craving for mango in winter? This is the place to order. They serve frozen mangoes with banana and indeed tasty. Priced at just 120/- it is totally worth it.

Over all, it a one stop place for healthy drinks. They also serve protein powder shakes for the body builders .

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