“Dont miss on these 3 waffles” – Waffle head review by Rohit Dassani

Waffle Head Signature Dishes Review By – Rohit Dassani 

1) Mr Ferrero – Mr Ferrero is one of their best sellers. Made in French Vanilla waffle with Nutella, Ferrero Rocher inside. The first bite told us we are here for a treat and indeed a big one. The Ferrero rocher gave it a slight crunch and the Nutella bought everything together. The taste of the waffle was outstanding.

2) Willy Wonka – Made in bubble wrap French Vanilla Waffle, it is designed for families and loved ones! This huge dessert is filled with Nutella, Banana, vanilla icecream and whipped cream. Eatting this is a bit challenging but that’s the fun of it! Totally in love with the combination. The bubble wrap was crunchy from outside and soft from inside!

3) Dark Fudge – Another classical dish in house-made Chocolate waffle. The waffle is filled with Belgian dark chocolate and oreo crumble. The oreo makes it a bit more crunchy. Hats off to the house-made chocolate waffle as it was delicious. We even added some white chocolate for some twist!

The waffles at Waffle Head are pocket friendly compared with the quality which is top notch. The waffle batter is made in-house making sure the waffles coming out of the kitchen are of high standard. The waffles are super delicious and cannot be missed at any cost! Look out for some amazing shakes and savory waffles to be added to the menu soon!

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