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Amritsari Kulcha – From Amritsari Kulcha Land, Bangalore

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authentic amritsari kulchas from amritsari kulcha land now in bengaluru

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Food Review:

From the land of Punjabis, Amritsari Kulcha Land brings the authentic Amritsari Kulcha in Bangalore. 

Kulcha is a pure Punjabi food and when it comes to a stuffed kulcha, it is typically from Amritsar. I have tried Kulcha couple of times at some famous restaurants in Amritsar and Jalandhar and was dying to have the same quality Amritsari Kulcha in Bangalore. I have tried a lot of Punjabi restaurants in Bangalore but nowhere got authentic ones.

One of my friend suggested this place called Amritsari Kulcha Land on 24th Main street of JP Nagar.
You only get Amritsari Kulcha in this restaurant. Maybe this is the only place which serves authentic Amritsari Kulcha in Bangalore. It is exactly what I had in Amritsar. The Kulcha with Chole and Onion-Tamarind chutney. It was looking so delicious I couldn’t even wait for a second to grab a bite. Crispy from outside and soft inside. Excellent blend of Aloo and Spices together. They add a special grinded masala on top of it. I ate the first bite and I wad feeling like I am sitting and eating it at Amritsar.

Khade Masale” added a whole authenticity to Amritsari Kulcha. It is heavy as they add too much butter to it, still I ate 2 Kulchas. It is a perfect Kulcha from Amritsar in Bangalore. Food lovers, no need to go Amritsar to try authentic Amritsari Kulcha in Bengaluru at Amritsari Kulcha Land. Just go to this eatery in JP Nagar.

I personally met Chef and owner and both of them are from Amritsar and carry the passion for Kulcha.

Final Verdict:

This is a must try for each and everyone. You can’t get this anywhere in Bangalore.

Amritsari Kulcha
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